Words of Jesus: I Will Build My Church

In this new year I am coming off of a few months of "blog silence." Early in the summer of 2015 I experienced a health incident that slowed my pace. Since we have trusted friends in health care in Missouri Chelsea and I came to Kirksville so I could receive the care that I needed. I had my own idea of how that might work. I would see a doctor--good friend Wendell Nickerson--he would prescribe a miraculous pill, a silver bullet -or something- and I would rest a week and go back to our work on the border and in Mexico.

Here I am eight months later, still in Kirksville, still healing-much better, but not yet one hundred percent- and I sense the smile of my heavenly Father as He lets me know that He had an idea of how it would play out all the time. During these months Father has taken advantage of my weakness ;-) and spoken rather intensely into my forced quietness of spirit and body. I was convinced of His need for me to be in places that few others would go. While that need was real and valid, it was not the final assignment for Chelsea and me. He does need us to hear and obey, but He needs us to continually hear and obey. It is an ongoing process.

HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH! It is what He is doing. When my assignment is finished in any location, He will continue to build there long after I obey and go. And, without doubt, more effectively than if I had seen myself as indispensable and stayed in my own will and power.

Now, I look ahead to my next assignment. I embrace it with great anticipation and no regret. In His grace He allows me to be His "go-fer" as He builds. In His great wisdom and knowledge as the wise Master Builder, He allows me to "go for this" or "go do that" in His name. No matter my physical location, things are happening in His name everywhere we have gone together. Many of those things would not have happened if I had not slowed down and listened for His next instruction. With excitement and great reverence Chelsea and I look ahead ready to do His bidding.

Be Blessed,