And It's A Big But!

I am a learner. Plain and simple. As a lifetime student, I study all kinds of history, both biblical and otherwise. With all of that exposure to our world's history, I wish I could point back to a time when men had “done it right.” Yes, folks. There is a way to do it right. Don't get caught up in our world's lies that try to tell us that everyone has their own right and wrong. God has a right way for each of us to live and affect generations!

Some historical figures have come closer to doing it right than others. But, since Jesus came to live among us as a man full of grace and truth, no one has lived life in a way that changed a thousand generations. We do have that promise, you know! We have the power to change not only our own lives, but the lives of generations!

I think Father knew it would be this way. He staged the most massive intervention in the history of the world when he sent his Son to earth. He sent him knowing it would be a long journey. After all, it had taken years and years for men and women to become as lost as they were when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Humanity had to get to a place where they would accept a Savior. It did not need to be all of mankind who was ready for Him at that moment, but there did need to be a group of people who were aware of their need, a group whom Almighty God had called his own, to accept that The Answer dwelt among them.

Observing our world today and considering the past history of this planet, I cannot find a time when God’s people have been as aware of their need for a Savior as they are right now! That fills me with excitement! Yes, it means we are at a crisis point, but that's when people realize their need. People with any spiritual perception at all know that we need another intervention if we intend to fulfill the plan of Father on this earth. This creates great opportunity for men to be men and women to be women! No wonder the powers of darkness are raging as the psalmist declared in the first psalm. Those who do not know Father are in an uproar trying to have their way.

But. BUT…

…to quote one of my friends, "…and, it's a big but!”, He who sits in the heavens is laughing at their effort. The powers of darkness and those who do not know Father cannot – ever – stop the work of God from going forward! Our Father still has a group people on this earth. It's true that these people might be just barely touching grace and truth, but they are moving into the fullness of it. God has determined that His King will rule and that is the final word.

Now, we must stand! Who and what are we created to be? Forget about the accusations of hate speech when we say that God created us as he wants us. We all know that alone is not hate. Even the accusers know that!

When we exercise our will to be men and women according to Father’s plan, we are showing love in its purest form. We're doing it right.

What it means to live in that plan is being identified more and more fully all the time. What a purifying force we can become if we will hear His voice and respond according to His Word. There is no shame in that! It is not intolerance! It is tolerance at its best! This is why the apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy, “I want men to lift up their hands and pray!” and, “Do that without wrath and doubting.”

Men, just pray and follow God. Allow Him to lead you in ways that are right and good – AND powerful! Don’t doubt your manhood and don’t get angry with those who do. Just search His Word, respond to His voice, and watch your world begin to change as you touch grace and truth. Yes, I'm going to say it. Be the big but!