As Far As the East is From the West

At this stage in my life I’ve been considering the various outworkings of His call on the lives of men and women. After 40-plus years of ministry, working together with my Lord, I am aware of how often we leave our place of grace and freedom and revert to the demands of some legislated code of identity. Seeing God as a demanding taskmaster with arms crossed, piercing eyes watching our every move, and ready to withdraw from us with little or no provocation leaves us with a wrong idea of God and, therefore, living with a wrong manifestation of Him on earth. How can I ever work together with THAT God? The very idea of THAT God that we have created in our thoughts leaves us lost with our mind, will, and emotions in a turmoil, wondering what He will demand of us next. Thus, it seems to me the first soul to be won might be my own! I’m not lessening the validity of a new spirit and a new heart, but I am questioning how effective we’ve been in allowing the wisdom of our Father’s dealings with men to win over our own thinking.

 It has taken a long time, but I’m finally realizing that much of this attitude has come from a wrong view of the complete nature of my salvation. Coming into Father’s family as a newborn believer is more complete than I was able to embrace in the beginning. At that moment, I was not an orphan, spiritually abandoned because of out of control sinfulness. I was mysteriously brought into a newness of life. In Father’s eyes I am a son whose past is gone, removed as far from me as the east is from the west. Just think about that. How far east must I travel to find myself going west? It never happens!

That means no matter how far I venture into this new family, this household of God, I’ll never find myself ensconced in yesterday’s sin – or the sin of an hour ago! Because of the work of the cross of Christ, my Father turns loving eyes on me, understanding my weakness, standing ready to empower me to overcome. More than just calling me to Himself, He draws me into all that He is. Together, He and I – along with myriads of others throughout the earth – work out from each other to bring His present kingdom to life in our world!