Clematis & Honeysuckle

Two years ago, my husband and I purchased our current home. For months we discussed and debated what each of us wanted in a new house, and we narrowed down what was critical for our family size, what was important to each of us individually, and what we could realistically afford. We spent months house hunting and despaired of finding a place we could agree on. We were facing a time deadline and we grew impatient. We even nearly put in an offer on the wrong house – twice. But one day the timing was just exactly right and we came to this house. It only took us five minutes to walk through the property and, with practically no discussion, we agreed this was HOME.

It was early March when we made our offer on the house and there wasn't much blooming, although we had noticed a heavily vined plant in one of the flower beds. I immediately mentioned that I hoped it was a clematis. I have always loved all varieties of clematis but in almost 20 years of marriage had never owned one. My husband said he hoped it was a honeysuckle, as he had grown up with honeysuckle and loved the heavy fragrance. So, we waited to see if either of us had gotten our wish and, on the day we took possession of the home, we discovered it was BOTH. A clematis and a honeysuckle had been planted side by side. Both plants were well established and mature -- the desires of both of our hearts, wrapped cooperatively together, forever entwined. For me, it was nothing short of God's rainbow.

Fast forward two years.

We still love our house and we are continually making small upgrades and adapting it to our needs. But we both have missed living in the country, and I am a rather restless sort. During our original home search, I discovered I am fascinated by real estate. So, two years later I still check Zillow daily to see what is coming on the market. I find myself analyzing trends, comparing home values and acreage, each time mentally holding my own home up for comparison. Is there a better home out there for us? Am I looking to move right now? No. But for months I have had this growing feeling of discontent. Until this morning. This morning, I stepped outside and for the first time this season the clematis and honeysuckle are blooming in unison. And what was originally God's promise was now God's reminder that we are exactly where He has placed us.

Just like the clematis and honeysuckle, we are in a season of our life. Sure, we might enjoy living further out in the country, but in this season of our life we have two young daughters. Our home is less than a three-minute drive from either of their schools, my work, their after-school extracurriculars, church, or the grocery store. Our home allows us to easily host large family get-togethers and our back porch is the gathering place for many friends and family. In this season of our life it is exactly where we need to be, and God knows that even when my restless heart doesn't.

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

It is very easy to be influenced by the world and forget what God has given us, where God has placed us, and what mountains God has moved on our behalf. If you find yourself feeling restless and like things aren't moving or progressing fast enough to suite you, ask yourself if God has placed you in the place you are. If His answer is no, then begin to ask God where you need to be and MOVE with His direction. If He has placed you there but you find yourself restless, consider the possibility that this is just a season in your life and trust that when you need to move He will guide your steps.

Most of all, don't forget to stop and enjoy the season you are living in now. It has purpose even if it's a struggle to see it right now.