Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya?

Can we all just agree for a moment that it feels like a huge risk to be a man in today's world? It has probably felt that way to many generations of men, but it seems that for a few decades now there has been a concerted effort to remove masculinity from our culture. Or at least to remove what people perceive masculinity to be. So, that explains the Dirty Harry reference in the title (in case you were wondering).

I am convinced that the deep need in a man to be of significance to others' lives was a part of the original creation. I am also convinced that it was placed there by God because the masculine influence would be key in the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of humanity.

Finding that significance isn't always easy. In the midst of that struggle, we find ourselves missing the first point of reckoning in the call of God. It is so simple. It is so defining. It is so profound. The reality of the call of God has been available for us since Father first called to Adam in the garden, "Man, where are you?" It has been ringing out through the various gardens of our lives all of this time. What do I mean by the gardens of our lives? All of the places where men are placed by our Creator for the purpose of cultivating, keeping, and producing. In the midst of it all, God continues to say, "Who/what has taken you from the life you were created to live? Shaming accusations did not come from Me!"

For some, significance is defined as the call of God. Those three words are loaded in today's culture. It's been written and preached about over and over, with lots of hype connected with the "call." It leads us right back to that superhuman ideal we find ourselves thinking we need to fulfill, and all the while we're overlooking reality. That hype has caused many a man to struggle to be the greatest man of God, to jockey for position and be recognized on a world stage – and then, feeling less than fulfilled when they don't meet their own expectations.

Then, what is the call of God?

First and foremost, men are called to reflect Father's presence in the earth. We are made in His image and likeness! That is exciting! God is Spirit. He can be sensed, heard, and can give us some sense of His touch. However, He CANNOT – yes, you read that right! – He cannot hold you in His arms or allow you to look upon His face and visually comprehend His pleasure and satisfaction. He has limited Himself to demonstrating that pleasure through men and women. No wonder this world system wants to twist that up into a perversion of wicked accusations, thoughts, behavior, and confusion!

As human beings, we were created to need and respond to physical touch and connection. As men, there are people in our lives who need the physical touch of a man who knows that Father has called him to Himself. Don't run scared about that thought. I know what this world has done to make us afraid to share appropriate touch. But, remember – the fathered father. Loved people love people.

Jesus gave Adam the job of naming the animals. Today, he is still asking us to provide identity to people through that masculine touch that comes from a deep knowledge and awareness of the presence of Father.

So, back to the call. First, we are called to know Father, to be filled with His breath, and boldly work out from that. All other facets of man's "call" will come out of that as we labor together with Almighty God. Now, that's significance!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty lucky. Do you? Well, do ya?