Father to the Fatherless - Part 2

Paul’s suggestion that we should not allow ourselves to be conformed to the world has been challenging my thinking since my last blog entry. Thinking about engaging with Father – I am adopted, you know – in the renewing of my own mind, in the transforming of my will, and in giving Holy Spirit control of my emotions, my spirit is allowing a flood of possibilities to wash over me.  

Was Jesus’ statement about an easy connection to the ways of Father and a light burden more than a trite illustration? Is it possible that the load can truly become light and easy?  

In thinking this way, I find myself once again experiencing the wonder of possibility. Like the butterfly when it first pulls and chews its way out of the cocoon, I sit thinking, stretching spiritual wings, testing the possibility of flight in this life. What is it like to look at life as alive with possibility that comes from Father’s own life living in me? Instead of pondering present circumstance, I begin to dream of the possibilities stemming from God with us. He is not out there somewhere! He is here, among us, full of grace and truth! I, in all my weakness, stand here in this world completely able and equipped to overcome, mature, and to re-present Father in this present world! 

I am a son! Father considered all the obstacles and brought me forth! Why? Because He desires family in the earth and He determined that IN HIM, and out from His dwelling in me, I could not only survive life, but I could and would be more than a conqueror in this present situation…and the next…and the next!