Fixing Foundations 2

Proper investment of time could be the largest problem facing young people. I smile inside as I write this, because many will immediately think they know exactly where this is going. With a derisive snort, they will begin to itemize all the failings of the young as they see it. "Those "teens" spend entirely too much time texting!" "They are always playing games!" "There's more to life than concentrating on a screen!" On and on it goes. Seeing a problem and blaming someone else is a common reaction in our culture.

At the risk of losing two of my three readers, I would point out that what you "see" in teenage behavior is the result of the foundation work of one or more generations previous to the moment of observation. An insidious problem has been slipping into families for some time. Parents have begun to have children while having no foundation for life themselves. A most basic foundation stone is that of honor.

Honor carries two parts which cannot be separated.
     (1) To hold another in high esteem. This person will be present in my thinking at all times.
     (2) To acknowledge an obligation toward another. I will live my life aware of my obligation toward a person simply because that person is a human with a life to live.

A maturing young person should have this foundation stone of honor laid in them very early. When they think of self they should know that they will have a fuller life if they live a life of honor. Personally, they have a life to live. Honoring others will be a great part of building contentment and success into that life. Those who come into their lives can be embraced, known, and celebrated. Or, those same people can be ignored, disrespected, and used.

The way others are valued will determine the level at which the young will come to value self.

This brings a very important issue to surface. Time. If I do not take time to be with my child, they will come into teen years with no idea of their own value. I am not writing of a few hours here and there hugging and talking about self esteem. I write of drawing them into your life, all the time considering the life into which you draw them. Every time you give them to an electronic device to be entertained while you have "me" time, you are creating that person who dishonors self while ignoring you. Ignoring the problem will not fix it, but there is a Master Builder who will help you with it.