Fixing Foundations 3

A life that demonstrates truthfulness, openness, and frankness will be one that does not have many of the pressures of less honest living. At first glance, that seems to be too simplistic. It is not. Living a lie in any form develops a foundational pressure that will then generate undue pressure and deformity throughout your life structure. Our Father, in His divine intent and ability, created each individual to be unique. Each of us are blessed with His power to be that successful, fulfilled individual with a deep knowledge that we are fulfilling that for which we were born.

In that place, we find peace, joy, and right relationships.

In that place, the pressures of life become manageable.

Living in complete truthfulness, open in all my human dealings, frank, straightforward, and sincere in life and conversation, will establish foundations in relationship that cannot be formed any other way. A person who lives this way will be insistent and consistent as they labor to build the same in every child they work with, realizing that without this basic honesty there is no place to start. Every child cannot be anything they want to be! Heresy? No! I've met many reasonably sane boys who genuinely want to be Superman! Or Spiderman. Harmless? Yes. IF they have honest parents who consistently and insistently move them toward reality. 

It is the honest work of honest parents to allow themselves to assess their children according to that child's abilities and guide them into an honest life with less pressure than most.