How to Pray with Power

The most powerful force in the universe!

This is often said of prayer. While that is true, many have not found it to work quite so well for them. Some have found prayer to be like the efforts of the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. This Old Testament story tells of leaders who actually thought they were praying to the Almighty. They cried loudly and long. They went through various activities that punished their physical bodies. For hours and hours, they prayed.

But nothing happened.

At the end of the day Elijah, a man who knew and understood the One True God, prayed - actually communicated - for about twenty seconds and fire came from the heavenlies in answer to his prayer.

What was the difference? Elijah actually knew and pursued the person of our Father. Elijah knew that the volume of words, the loudness of delivery, and length of time was not the key to getting an answer to his prayers. Elijah gave his life to knowing the character and ways of God. When he spoke to God, he spoke with the confidence of God's established behavior.

Bring this idea forward to Jesus' time on earth among humanity. The writer of Hebrews said that Jesus sought Father with "strong crying and many tears." The strength in those prayers was not in the crying or the tears. Most of us have had times when we lifted our voices with strength of conviction, with compassionate or grieving tears accompanying our praying. However, the true strength is in the relationship of knowing Him.

As we pursue His endeavor on earth, we come to a quiet place of confidence. He does hear me when I call! The moment my voice speaks, the heavenly host is attentive. Actually, Father is so in tune with those who pursue Him, that He knows before we ask or even think. He goes before us, preparing our path, releasing His power, and setting in motion that which most effectively brings us into His answer.