In His Image & Likeness: Part 1

In the beginning…

The beginning referenced in Genesis was more than just a startup; it was more than just a decision to act. In the beginning lays out a concept that contains the entirety of Father’s intent within His creation.

God is the only name directly attached to the verb created. In the story of the beginning we read in Genesis, in that primary account of God’s way and His intent, are all of the foundational concepts for God's creative power to come to, work in, and flow out from mankind.

As you may have read in the three Unchangeable blogs I've written over the past few weeks, creation is where God began to establish the pattern through which creative ability would be most useful in the world He brought into existence for mankind. We – Yes, you and I! -- are the created beings who caused Father to breathe forth the affirmation, “It is VERY good!” His creation brought forth this excitement from Almighty God! He was excited about the prospect of man and woman working with Him, learning from Him, and filling the earth. This is quite possibly the first record of His emotion coming forth. It appears He truly liked His handiwork

In Genesis 1:26 (NASB), we read, “Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."

In this passage, both the word likeness and the word image contain a connection to God that cannot be separated and maintain the same meaning.

Likeness is perhaps easier understood in illustration than definition. In Psalms, chapter 58, the same word is used to establish likeness between the evil acts of people and the venom of a snake. These are alike in that they both destroy life in humanity. In the Genesis chapter one setting, likeness is connected to the word according. In other words, depending on whether we reflect the life of God, we are then able to live and produce according to the way we are designed to live and produce!

One of the most used illustrations of the word image is to cast a shadow. Another is as a reflection. So, that means, as we live our lives in such a way as to cast the shadow of God, or reflect the image of God in the earth, we are not God – just as snake venom is not evil and evil is not snake venom – but we do begin to have the same effect on creation around us as God does. Even if we refuse to live out from the presence of God, we will still have the same driving force deep in our being. Even in a fallen lifestyle, our fallen decisions will try to rule and have dominion and will cause – be the source of – all kinds of results that are opposite of God.

The word Father has become my most used name for YHWH Elohim of the creation because He seems to want it so. Father has a marker for His desire on earth. That marker is righteousness, peace, and joy. If my life is marked by any other emotion, I know there are adjustments to be made. Those adjustments can be found in understanding the beginning. We've all been told to go back to the beginning to solve a problem. Well, let's truly go back to the beginning when we need to find righteous, peace, and joy in our lives.

More to come!