Looking For an Ear Bud in a Black Polka Dot Purse

This evening I decided to study. As is my habit, I pulled up YouTube to enter into worship. It's not that I can't hear from God without worship, but I have found it helps me hear more clearly where he wants to lead me in my study. My go-to song at the moment is Set a Fire sung by Brooke Vandervoort.

So, as I began to listen, the words moved me. My anthem for the moment:

Set a fire down in my soul
That I can't contain
That I can't control
I want more of you, God
I want more of you, God

As I began to worship, I began to ask this: “We all want more of you, God. Why do we struggle to hear you and see your direction for us?”

Why am I not using my headphones? I always enjoy my worship more with my headphones to block out distractions. My ear buds are in my purse. Where is my purse? Oh yes, there it is. And there are my earbuds. Wait, one of the rubber ends is missing. Well it has to be in my purse. It shouldn't take long to find it. How far can a little black rubber piece go? Huh, the lining of my purse is black polka dots. Hadn't noticed that before. Well it's going to blend right in. I will have to clean out my purse to find it.

First, I pulled out the big items: wallet, papers, keys, brush. Now, I just have the remnants. But the bud is small so I need to clean it all out. Oh, I was looking for that ChapStick. I did have a new pack of gum. I forgot I had that lip gloss. Oh, money! Yay! Where does purse dirt come from? Ewww.

Five minutes later, I found the ear bud at the bottom of the black polka-dotted purse. I felt triumphant as I began to repack my purse.

And God said to me, “You know, that's how it happens.”

Me: “How what happens? You lost me.”

God: “Exactly. Why do people have a hard time hearing from me? Distractions. You were in worship and decided you needed earbuds for less distraction. Then you spent 10 minutes cleaning out your purse. You stopped to deal with the discarded remnants of your life, to be sidetracked by the things you found, and to be disgusted and confused by the dirt your daily life produced in your purse. For every item in your purse – receipts, money, beauty products, or dirt – a direct correlation can be made to the things in life that distract my people from me.”

Me: “Huh. That's deep, God.”

God: “So is your purse.”