The Life Preserver

Today, I was asked a question that made me think. Yes, I know – for those of you who know me at all, this is not unusual! But hear me out. 😊

A few weeks ago, I answered God's call to share some pretty personal information with my local church family in hopes that the lessons God has taught me over the last few years will be helpful to others. It was a real stretch for me, because I knew it meant that it would also be put out on the internet for the whole world to access, as does all of our teaching at Christ's Family Church. We truly feel that God has mandated that we share what we learn, and this is no exception.

So, what was the topic? Depression. Yeah, I didn't get an easy one, did I?

Well, that talk has done exactly what I hoped - and exactly what I was worried about. There are so many who recognized themselves or loved ones in what God gave me to share. It truly is a blessing, but brings me back to today's question. I was asked if perhaps I should establish some sort of forum for people to talk and share about their struggles with depression (or suppression, if you will). Not familiar with that term? Click here to listen and see what it means.

A forum is an interesting idea. If any of you have some thoughts about this, please feel free to comment on this blog. We would love to hear from you.

But it's not quite that easy.

There was a sneaky thought that drifted through my mind. Do I really want to be that "depression girl?" Do I want to be known for information about a taboo topic that comes with such stigma in our society?

That thought had barely formed when I felt God draw me up short. He reminded me of a particular person who has been instrumental in changing my thinking about depression, beginning many years ago. Did I think of him as the "depression guy?" No! He was a port in the storm! His obedience to God was a lifeline during a very dark time in my life. He was tossing me a life preserver. And I had barely met him. God used the power of the internet to deliver that lifeline.

So, am I willing to toss out The Life Preserver to those who are drowning in a sea of suppression? Absolutely. If that's what God is asking of me, I will gladly be the girl folks can count on to talk candidly and breathe the life of God into their conversations so they can begin to live in the full expression they were created for.

But make no mistake. I am not Depression Girl. I am Expression Girl!