The Privilege of Prayer

I am convinced of the power of prayer. Many times I have watched as our Father caused things to change. Our natural predictions, even our religious expectations, were made to bow in awe as Almighty God made His power known among men. Because of the evidence of this power many men are guilty of trying to create a model, a formula, or a method which will harness the power. These efforts bring questions to my mind.

What is the true nature of prayer?

Is prayer only a tool to force the hand of God?

Is there a volume of prayer which tips the scale and releases the response?

Does a work ethic in prayer determine the outcome?

Father's nature is made clear in His story. He has already committed to being present among men--always present and always working to redeem mankind. Much of our praying finds Him already at work in the situation. Men of knowledge make their best diagnosis, only to find the issue resolving itself as prayer is made. Our own fleshly thinking will panic and accuse Him of inactivity, but when we are without faith He remains confident of His will and ability. He continues to work as a Father to His own. Often, we find ourselves in awe and wonder when we should have realized He was at work all the time, living and acting in His own faithfulness.

Some small understanding of His nature will begin to adjust the nature of prayer. What a privilege we are allowed as we pray! Our Father impresses upon us what He wills and what He is doing. We are allowed to communicate with Him on that level. Praying in this way will take away the panic, re-establish the trust, and allow us the wonder of praying – communicating into the ongoing process of His faithfulness. What a wonder it is to be allowed to know that current predictions are being settled in the heavenlies by Almighty God!