Unchangeable: Part 1

Perhaps the tension could just go away. That tension which seems to exist between what we’ve been told the Word is and our experience in life. Scripture out of context, or the human effort to find “life” in the writing of Scripture is the cause of the tension. This is serious business! In our effort to somehow wrestle God into keeping our idea of His word, we find ourselves wallowing in disappointment, disillusionment, and worst of all, accusing God of neglect and abuse. None of that is a good atmosphere for maturing as children in His household. While we will always have our struggles, I am convinced that through keeping scripture in context and learning to hear His voice, much of the tension can and should go away.

How many times have we heard accusing statements like these: "If only God would (fill in the blank)." "God failed me when (fill in the blank)." In his first letter, John writes that the purpose of his writing was twofold. One purpose was for us to know that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The other purpose was so that we could know that we have eternal life. Before stating those things, he writes, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all…”

And James takes it even farther. “Everything good and perfect comes from God.” This is where we start in our relationship with God. Anything that is not “life” and “light” is not from Him. We must bring our thoughts into subjection to the idea that “good and perfect” comes from God. Be done with accusing Him of child abuse!!

In Hebrews 6, we can see a word picture of the importance of “hearing” and “speaking.” I’m not going to address the false teaching around this chapter. Just allow me to say that as you taste the truth, you will see something powerful in God. This chapter makes statements concerning high and lofty things such as “unchangeable,” "patiently waiting,” and “swearing by that which is greater.”

In a mind boggling moment of insight, the writer says that God swore by “two unchangeable things.” Then, he doesn’t seem to say what those are! However, a careful reading will uncover this – in the context of God speaking His promise. It is a proclamation, but more than that. In His speaking, He summoned the answer from His own “storehouse.” That is the first element.

The next is in verse 16, as we look carefully. Original language indicates that men “swear by.” Literally, men speak upward, laying hold of something greater than them. How important it is to hear God’s voice! Those two unchangeables are Father’s voice calling things forth and men – you and I – hearing and speaking that same thing! When Father “interposed with an oath,” He too was speaking to that which only existed in His realm.

Why? So that men could experience what it is to wait in patient confidence for that thing to come as they speak and declare what Father is speaking.

Jesus said it very succinctly. “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Our translation does not do it justice. We hear Father and loose and bind on earth that which has already been bound and loosed in heaven.