Unchangeable: Part 2

Hearing God.

This is a concept that seems to have emotional tension built into the very idea! But, why would that be? Could it be that the tension exists because of man's effort to explain it away? I will admit that it is a high and lofty concept. If it is a possibility to hear God, then Father assigns a nobility to human relations that many of us are hesitant to approach. In the idea lies an inherent responsibility to rise beyond that which is common among men.

However, isn't the statement "...unless a man be born again..." in itself a call beyond the common?

Somehow, in it all, we must put the questioning, the posturing for our pet doctrine, and the effort to dodge personal responsibility aside and just take the whole of Father's word in context. In its entirety, the written word is not our personal story as some would have us believe – although it is very personal as it is applied. This amazing book that we call the Bible is Father's story. Laid out, not from beginning to end, but from everlasting to everlasting. And, if it is His story, then we must realize it is not about adding Jesus into our own story. This grand, sweeping story draws you and I into it and allows us to find our own place in that amazing saga of a Holy Spirit empowered humanity. Once we understand this, it is so much easier to relieve the tension. Every other context must fit into that one great context of the eternal attaching to human life.

If Father intends to have any success in His effort – and He does intend that – then He must enable mankind to hear Him in the moment, every day, making ways to represent Christ in this earth system. One of the ways we "bless" Father is to rise to that which He has given. As He extends His effort into your life, it blesses Him when you accept that and engage Him as you learn to be more effective in it. As you "hear" Him and respond, you actually become more and more human. Humanity was created to walk with Him, live life out from His presence, and to become more and more "like" Him. To make excuses as to why we cannot do this is to become less and less human.

Be Blessed.