Unchangeable: Part 3

Unchangeable attributes in God will inevitably touch the lives of His creation. He is all and is in all. Ponder that for a few years! Especially, it seems, He indwells His people in a way that is particular to believers, causing them to be unusual in a world of usual people. It was no accident when the writer of the Hebrew letter wrote of God's having none greater; He established unchangeable things by His life, His way agreeing with His expression and His words.

All tied up in this same thought process is the truth of our "name" being written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Father's design for your life and my life is settled. Our character, the power that flows through that character, and becoming known in the earth as children of God is absolutely certain, dependent only on our understanding and agreeing that some things are unchangeable in the thought of our Father. In His mandate He told us to go forth, multiply, and fill the earth. Inherent in that mandate is the unchangeable fact that it takes a man and a woman to fulfill Father's plan.

Implicit in this is the certainty is the fact that any other idea of existence forfeits the fulness of life Father has for you. You can never be the best you until it is settled in the plan of God that you are male or female.

The more fully you settle into Father's identity for you, the more fully you can become His place of dwelling on earth.

In this identity will be found that for which you were born. Any human is at his or her best when there is no friction between them and God. The created cannot instruct the Creator! In the end he/she will realize that true righteousness, peace, and joy can only be found through living out the reality of that which is unchangeable.